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Welcome to the Centre for Research on the Economics Of Ageing.

The Centre was established with an MOE Tier 3 social sciences research grant, the first of its kind in Singapore. This research brings together top researchers in ageing and age-related issues from Singapore and abroad to conduct a long-term study of ageing in Singapore, with particular reference to retirement adequacy and its contributing factors.


Singapore has one of the lowest total fertility rates in the world, with 1.25 children born to every female in 2014, while life expectancy at birth rose to 82.8 years in 2014. If these trends continue in the foreseeable future, the number of older people (65 years and above) to working-age people (15 to 64 years) is going to quadruple by 2050. Although such trends are also prevalent in countries...

Mission of CREA

CREA aims to conduct high-quality research on issues relating to ageing populations, to contribute to a better understanding of the issues in Singapore and other ageing economies in Asia. By developing a research platform with the infrastructure for high-frequency surveying and a panel for longitudinal studies, it will serve as a resource hub and position SMU as a regional leader in the international network of centres for research on ageing.