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CREA Staff

Bryce Hool


Bryce Hool is Professor of Economics at Singapore Management University (SMU). He holds a PhD in economics from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s degree in economics and a BSc(Hons) degree in mathematics from the University of Canterbury. Prior to joining SMU, Professor Hool held appointments at the University of Wisconsin at Madison; at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he held administrative positions including Director of the Institute for Decision Sciences, Dean of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs; and at the University of Auckland, where he was Head of the Department of Economics and served as Associate Dean (International) in the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Email: brycehool [at]
Tel: (65) 6828 0052

Stephen Hoskins

Principal Research Associate

As Principal Research Associate at CREA, Stephen works with SLP data from conception & module design to data analysis and production of valuable insights for academics and external agencies. His current research relates to labour economics for mature workers, with a focus on training programmes, health and employment outcomes, and spousal retirement decisions. Stephen has five years prior experience as a research assistant and economic consultant, solving difficult policy questions in diverse fields such as health, housing, transportation and development economics. He graduated from The University of Auckland with an Honours degree in economics.

Email: shoskins [at]
Tel: (65) 6828 9646


Research Panel Manager

Catherine Loh is the Research Panel Manager for CREA as of September 2018. She assists the Associate Director in overseeing the Centre's operations and research.

She is responsible for operational activities, managing database systems, maximizing panel retention and supervising the call centre. She also trains and administers SMU student staff who provide operational assistance to the Centre and service support to the survey participants.

Catherine received her Bachelor's degree in Engineering Business Management from Coventry University.

Email: catherineloh [at]
Tel: (65) 6828 0050

Lee Piea Peng

Research Associate

Piea Peng, as a Research Associate, is a data scientist for CREA since March 2016.  She uses her lifetime's worth of data-related information and scientific skills to produce great data-driven tools/products. 

She studied Mathematics at the National University of Singapore and Statistics at Macquarie University. She has considerable knowledge of Mathematics, Probability, Statistics and related programming languages as a recipient of first-class degrees attained with A & A+s and  High Distinctions in her two graduate studies. 

Passionate about bringing science into practice, research and development, she has enjoyed working as a statistician, for over 10 years in the private sector and government organizations. Her achievements were recognized and she was awarded the ACNielsen Built to Last Global Award for Excellence. 

Email: pplee [at]
Tel: (65) 6828 0042

Lu Qingqing

Assistant Manager (Research Programmes)

Qingqing has been working for CREA for more than two years.

She graduated from the School of Business at Singapore Management University with a degree in Finance. She worked as a Student Assistant for the Centre before her official position.

Her main duty at CREA is to assist in the daily operations of the Centre. She is also in charge of the research programmes and financial administration matters of the Centre.

Email: qqlu [at]
Tel: (65) 6808 5392