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Event Summary

On the 17th of May, Associate Director Jiaming Ju spoke on the Ageing Workforce Longevity Forum (AWLF2018), which was held in conjunction with the 9th International Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF) 2018. Speakers from the healthcare, policy-making and insurance industries from all over the world were invited to identify strategies that enable older adults to work longer, age in good health and access affordable long-term care services to promote successful ageing-in-place.

Jiaming presented newest findings from the Singapore Life Panel® survey on the correlations between healthcare spending by elderly Singaporeans and the various demographic factors – age, education and employment status. Contrary to popular belief, our data reveals that in the case for Singaporeans aged 50 to 70s, the older a person gets, the less one spends on healthcare. Jiaming also talked about Singapore’s unique healthcare financing policies, namely Medisave and ElderShield and the need for the public to be aware of, understand and take advantage of these policies in place.

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The Inaugural Ageing Workforce Longevity Forum (AWLF2018) is where care operators, policy makers and insurance providers meet to identify strategies and partnerships that will enable older adults to work longer, age in good health and access affordability long term care services for successful ageing-in-place. With Asia’s rapid acceleration of our ageing population in 2020, 2025 and beyond, the continued provision of long term care services cannot be funded purely via government efforts. This programme aims to engage private and public sector to identify strategies and partnership opportunities that will enable affordable access for older people, and encourage the growth of products and services in the long term care eco-system for Asia, with the vision to support organisations to support continuous employment. Click here for the list of speakers.

The annual Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF) is Asia’s most influential platform on the sustainability of ageing where developers, health + care operators and investors identify social and economic opportunities driven by Asia’s 1.2 billion ageing population. This dedicated programme is curated to stage the World’s most innovative health and eldercare models, and disrupt the industry with creative and innovative ideas that will pick your brains to rethink aged care.

Please find the event programme here.


Thursday, 17 May 2018 - 11:00am to 5:00pm


One Farrer Park Hotel & Spa, 1 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217562