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The Shirin Fozdar Programme Roundtable, "Ageing in Singapore: The Next Step..."

Event Summary

Mdm Shirin Fozdar was a pioneer of women’s rights in Singapore. She was one of the founders of the Singapore Council of Women in 1952, and a key figure in establishing the Muslim Syariah Court and the Women's Charter in 1961.

In her honour on 15 May 1993, the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) launched an independent fund. It was then institutionalised under Singapore Management University on 7 July 2009, as the Shirin Fozdar Programme to educate, train, and provide capacity-building opportunities for women.

Chaired by Ms Claire Chiang, the programme runs a series of conferences, annual lectures as well as networking session to bring students, advocates, policymakers, businesses, institutions and the public together to shape a resilient community and nurture integrated perspectives in women’s development.

Its underlying ethos, RICE (for Resilience, Inclusiveness, Connectivity and Engagement), continues to be fundamental guiding principles of the programme. For more information about the Shirin Fozdar Programme, please visit the website at

On 29 September 2017, CREA collaborated with the Shirin Fozdar Programme to hold the SFP Roundtable, “Ageing in Singapore: The Next Step…”

There were more than 30 participants representing voluntary and non-profit organisations, government-agencies dealing with community welfare issues, hospitals providing services for the elderly, academics, and friends of SFP.

It was an insightful and useful exchange among the participants and two interesting points which surfaced were:

  • Growing old doesn’t mean that you can no longer be useful. The seniors understand the problems of the elderly, so volunteer and assist those who are frail and not so active, and make life more pleasant and meaningful for yourself and those you assist.
  • The majority of Singaporeans live in housing estates. Appoint a point of contact who the frail and elderly can turn to when they have an emergency. The proximity of the point of contact enables the person to render help to the seniors in need promptly and assures them that help is never far away.

Please find the programme here.


Friday, 29 September 2017 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm


Dining Room, Level 14, SMU Administration Building