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Professor Peter C. B. Phillips

Co-Principal Investigator, CREA

Peter C. B. Phillips is one of the foremost econometricians in the world. He is Sterling Professor of Economics and Professor of Statistics at Yale University, Distinguished Term Professor at School of Economics, Singapore Management University (SMU), Distinguished Professor at the University of Auckland and Professor at Southampton University. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and is the founding editor of Econometric Theory and Themes in Modern Econometrics. He has written over 300 journal articles and refereed book chapters. His research on econometric methods for trending time series and panels has revolutionised empirical practice in applied macroeconomics, applied microeconomics and empirical finance. These methods have influenced research throughout the social and business sciences, including political science, sociology, communications and marketing, as well as topical scientific concerns such as climate change, long term climate trends and biodiversity.