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About The Singapore Life Panel®

As of mid-2017, an active panel of 11,000 Singaporeans aged 50 to 70 years (couples and single people) are registered on our survey panel. Each month, members of the panel are asked questions about their income, expenditure, health, work and housing choices. The panel survey is one of the largest population-representative monthly surveys conducted in the world.

The rich information obtained from the panel survey will help Singaporeans better understand how well-prepared they are for old age. It will also help inform government policy to better prepare citizens for old age. The data will be completely confidential, and researchers do not know the identity of the participants.

Message from SLP Director

The Singapore Life Panel® represents a major data collection effort by CREA. Every month, over 11,000 Singaporeans aged between 50 and 70, who are part of the panel, are invited to participate in an internet survey.  So far, they have told us about their health, wealth, spending and satisfaction with their life, financial arrangements with family members and their expectations for the future. This is the largest data collection exercise of its kind anywhere in the world. To collect such a large population-representative sample would not be possible without the great generosity of our respondents. They not only answer monthly surveys, many have contributed to improving the quality of the survey by contacting us with suggestions on how to improve our operations!  Over the next few years, this data set will grow and important discoveries will be possible. These discoveries will not only help Singapore design better policies for its future but also provide valuable insights for the world on how people’s financial situation changes over their old age.

The Singapore Life Panel® will provide a rich insight into how well-prepared Singaporeans are for their old age. The research will be directly communicated to the Singapore government and its agencies in order to improve the livelihoods of Singaporeans. Many countries face the ageing dilemma, but Singapore can be the best-prepared country in the world.